In order to have a building project go well, there are several critical pieces that need to be in place.  First, you need a good plan.  Next you need materials, and a good team.  And finally, you need a building supervisor.  We had all these pieces in place this weekend as we tackled Tavi’s “Big Girl Room.”



This project was a true collaboration. Nicholas and Samantha worked together to design a custom closet plan.  Sam and I painted Tavi’s room (with Gene and Nick tag teaming in to do some rolling).  Nick and Gene built the closet with Sam assisting in design decisions.  And the building Supervisor position was filled by Octavia.  She began the project by insisting her room be painted blue.  By insisting, I mean she said, “Bluuuuuuuuue!” when asked what color she wanted.  And she never wavered from her decision.

The project was progressing nicely until the project supervisor stopped by for a site visit and wanted to talk to the crew.  Tavi grabbed Grandpa and took him to her room to discuss some clarifications and modifications– and possibly to play with Dad’s level. (Note that Gene’s t-shirt says, “I’m not retired.  I’m a professional Grandpa.”)

After consulting the plans, Tavi decided she needed to inspect the work to make sure it was plumb and level. Sometimes, you just have to take care of the work all by yourself, so it is good to know how to use the tools accurately.