I’m forming a team for people who want to walk beside me and laugh along the way.  I’m calling it Team Kathy.  Since I’m the self-appointed captain, I want to make sure I have the right people on my team.  I want:

  • People with positive attitudes.
  • People who can laugh at themselves and others or at least fake laughing at my humor.
  • Good fighters.
  • People with soft shoulders when I need it.
  • Ironic people.
  • People who don’t get medical terms.
  • People who get medical terms and can explain them in little words.
  • People who say, “This sucks!”
  • Creative people.
  • Skinny and fat people.
  • Men and women.
  • People who hate their hair and think going bald might be a good idea.
  • People who will laugh when I get a Mohawk.
  • People who will bail me out of jail and not tell Gene if I go a little crazy.
  • People who will walk beside me.

If you think you fit on my team, you are welcome to join me.  There are no applications to fill out (though the possibilities intrigue me!) or dues to collect.  Just check my blog or drop me an email now and then.  Be prepared for a lot of laughs, a few tears, and maybe a cyber pink pajama party.