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October Sales Benefit Cancer Patients!

I want to thank all my readers for their support in October.  Proceeds from all book sold in October were donated to Gifts of Hope (a fund that helps local women pay for mammograms and breast cancer care) and Hall Perrine Cancer Clinic to assist patients.  I have been humbled by your support and the wonderful emails that I have received.  I plan to make this an annual event.
–Kathy Lariviere, Author

Laugh With Kathy

by Kathy Lariviere


There is nothing funny about being diagnosed with cancer. Thanks to improvements in treatments and research, more and more people are surviving cancer. But for me, simply surviving was not enough. I didn’t want to just survive cancer; I wanted to crush it. Since I couldn’t do that, the next best thing was to laugh at it. After all, what could be more demoralizing to an enemy than to laugh at them? This book is intended to be a lighthearted, quirky look at surviving breast cancer.

I have always been creative in how I celebrate life. My friends are sometimes confused by my creative party invitations, including one invitation in the form of a subpoena, which caused one friend to contact her attorney. Sometimes that creativity has gotten me into trouble, like the time I poked fun at Homeland Security on my blog, and they e-mailed me about my comments. My best friend, Tess, an attorney, couldn’t stop laughing when I called her in a panic when I received the e-mail.

So it should have been no surprise to my friends when I decided to face breast cancer with humor. Read along as I blow up pumpkins, throw eggs, and use my bald head to shame bad drivers. Laugh with me as I thumb my nose at some of cancer’s indignities and challenge cancer at every twist and turn of this unpredictable journey called breast cancer. Spoiler alert: if you are the type of person who likes to jump to the end of a book and find out what happens, this line is for you—I survived!

I originally wrote Laugh with Kathy as a blog while I was going through the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. I used the blog to sort out and share my experiences with my friends and family. Over time, more and more people started following the blog and asking me to convert it into book format so that they could share it with others. But it wasn’t until I started getting e-mails from other breast cancer patients telling me I had made their day that I considered publishing a book.

Most of the writing in this book comes directly from the blog, with only minor clarifications or grammatical corrections. I have added some new posts that were never published on the blog. Some of the new posts are retrospective in nature, while others I wrote during treatment and never published because I wasn’t ready to share them at the time.

Laugh with Kathy may be purchased in paperback through, CreateSpace, or ordered directly from me. Laugh with Kathy is also available for Kindle on Amazon.  Please see my Shop Page for ordering instructions and links.


Readers Comments

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I found myself laughing out loud . . . It is very well written, inspiring, and extremely funny.  You’ve done a fantastic job chronicling your fight with cancer in a way that will uplift and entertain . . . I would absolutely suggest this book to anyone going through a life-threatening illness.

I really never though I’d look forward to a cancer patients’ blog because it made me laugh . . . but this one did and I looked forward to reading each post.

You enriched so many lives out there with your candor & honesty as you “told it like it is”, but with your own special twist.  You definitely made me “Laugh with Kathy”!

Read it. Loved it! Your lighthearted humor is awesome! Purchasing another for a friend!

I have laughed and cried with you during your journey just by reading your words.

I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and at this moment I am going through my first round of chemo as I write this. I love your blog! Thank you for being so open, honest, and funny. It really cheered me up.

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Benefits of Having Breast Cancer

  • I have an excuse to buy new lingerie.
  • All the cute bras are in smaller sizes.
  • I won't have to pay for highlights this fall.
  • I finally get to build a pink website.
  • For the rest of my life, I get to blame forgetfulness on "chemo brain."
  • I can eat real food and not just the fat free stuff!
  • I hear they like to use belly fat for reconstructions, so the sky is the limit!.
  • I get to relocate my bustline (it has been moving south for several years).
  • I'm bound to lose weight, even it if is only a pound or two.
  • I won't have to shave my legs for several months.
  • This will reduce how long it takes me to get ready in the morning.
  • I can have any hair style and color I want.
  • I wont have to pluck my eyebrows or wax my lip.
  • I won't have to buy expensive hair products.