Laughing through cancer

Read along as Kathy blows up pumpkins, throws eggs, and uses her bald head to shame bad drivers.
Laugh with her as she finds interesting ways to thumb her nose at some of cancer’s indignities and uses her unique observations to humorously challenge every twist and turn on this unpredictable
journey with breast cancer.

Book Signing

Kathy enjoys meeting her readers at various book signings. Whether it is a community library, book club, or social organization, she brings her sense of humor and Goofy pen with her to put that personal message of inspiration in every book. Large groups . . . small groups . . . inside or outside, she comes prepared and with a smile (and a bag full of snickers!).

Speaking Events

As a breast cancer survivor, Kathy has made it her mission to encourage and support as many breast cancer patients, their friends and family members as she can. She is regularly called upon to share her journey and laughter at different events. Kathy also supports two local cancer support charities with her book sales and speaking fees.

Author News

Kathy is currently working on a light-hearted presentation for Oncology Nurses on “Identifying coping mechanisms to help cancer patients transition from treatment to survivorship.” She is also setting up Library Author visits and book signings for September and October, so contact her soon to for fall bookings.

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What readers
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love it

Extremely funny

“I found myself laughing out loud . . . It is very well written, inspiring and extremely funny. You’ve done a fantastic job of chronicling your fight with cancer in a way that will uplift and entertain. I would absolutely suggest this book to anyone going through a life-threatening illness. ”

Lighthearted humor

“Read it. Loved it! I didn’t want it to end. Your lighthearted humor is awesome! Purchasing another for a friend! Please keep writing! ”


“You have enriched so many lives out there with your candor & honesty as you “told it like it is”, but with your own special twist.  You definitely made me “Laugh with Kathy”! ”

Open, honest, funny

“I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and at this moment I am going through my first round of chemo as I write this. I love your blog! Thank you for being so open, honest, and funny. It really cheered me up.”

Laughed and cried

“Can’t tell you how much I laughed and cried while reading your book. I think my favorite line in the book was when your friend told you to tell the person signing you in that you were having surgery for a sex change operation. That is just so funny. When I get down about having cancer, I think of that.”

Sharing the journey

“Because of your experience with cancer and book, I am able to see humor in the valley. Most of the time my friends and family don’t get it. Just wanted you to know your journey is making a difference in mine. God bless!”

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