Six Month Check Up

I had my six month post-chemo check up today. It was so exciting. As I drove up to the cancer clinic, I sat in the car and stared at the building for a few minutes thinking about all that I had been through in that building. I thought of all the times I had sat...

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Early Celebration

After exhausting the Iowa pumpkin supply, Gene and I traveled to Texas over the holidays to celebrate the near end of my treatment with my family. Gene has marked the completion of each chemo session these past 15 months by blowing up a pumpkin or watermelon for me....

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Who Moved My Cheese? (Part 1)

About ten years ago, there was a popular book out entitled, "Who Moved My Cheese," that discussed how people reacted to change.  Who knew that ten years later, this phrase would come to mind so often.  One of the side effects to chemo is called chemo brain. Doctors...

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That Was Easy

Someone made a comment to me the other day that had me wondering if I have made a mistake with my blog. Their comment, "I can't believe how easily you got through your treatment for cancer." The comment threw me, and I had to think about my reply. I would never...

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The Trip From Hell

I have gotten several requests from readers to write about my trip from hell home from Vegas.  I admit that I have a policy not to write when I'm mad.  Nothing good comes from writing in anger.  So it has taken a while to find the humor in our travel experience.  The...

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Phase III

I entered Phase III of chemo back in April. Because it overlapped with radiation, I decided to wait until now to explain what it entails. Phase III of my infusions is a single drug called Herceptin. It is given every three weeks through my port like my other chemo...

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Kamikazi Corner

Each time I exit the Interstate to go to chemo or radiation, I have to travel through an intersection that I call Kamikazi Corner. It is the corner where the off ramp meets the street and there is a four-way stop. For some reason, people constantly run the stop signs...

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Hair Watch Week 2

Nope. No sign of hair. However, I used my 3X magnification make up mirror and found two stragglers that somehow escaped the lint roller. One is on the top of my head and is about 1/4 inch long. The other is above my left ear and is nearly 1/2 inch long. Neither is...

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Ringing the Bell

  Mom is with me as I ring the bell at chemo to signify the end of phase II.March 28th was my last weekly chemo in phase II and my Mom was here from Texas to celebrate with me.  It was a fun day at chemo as everyone came in to congratulate me.  The nurses try to...

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Chemo Cocktail

Each week, I receive a complicated mix of pre-meds and chemo meds. I watch as the IV bags arrive and the nurses sort them out. Some IVs last five minutes, some last 30 minutes. The nurses keep them straight, checking and double checking them, and I no longer worry...

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The posts on this page were added at the request of several of my readers who wanted “the fun stories to continue.” Some are dedicated to a friend in her last weeks of life. These posts are a mix of travel adventures and random experiences and are in date order with the newest post on top.

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