Each time I exit the Interstate to go to chemo or radiation, I have to travel through an intersection that I call Kamikazi Corner. It is the corner where the off ramp meets the street and there is a four-way stop. For some reason, people constantly run the stop signs and have near misses or collisions. The City has gone to the trouble of even adding red flags on the stop signs to try to attract drivers attention. And one inspired business owner has set up a collision center on the opposite corner to rake in the business.

On weeks where I have had a driver, I always warn them about this intersection an yet three of my friends have been guilty of running the stop sign even after the warning. So I have a new strategy. I started taking my hat off before I get to this intersection in hopes of the sun’s reflection of my shiny bald head will grab their attention and cause them to slow down. If nothing else, I’m hoping that when they nearly run into me, the fact that they nearly hit a CANCER PATIENT on her way to treatment will shame them. I promise to try to look suitably ill as well. The guilt may send a few people into therapy. Hmmm. Maybe I can set up a counseling corner across from the collision center!