I was listening to the 80’s music channel this morning when I heard a Blondie singing Heart of Glass. It took me back to my Amarillo roots and teenage years.  My dad LOVED Blondie – to the point of annoyance. If you knew my dad, you would never expect Punk Rock to show up on his play list.  But I cannot tell you how many times I would drive up to Mom & Dad’s country house, and from a block away, you could hear Blondie singing and feel the beat reverberating through the windows.  It drove my mom nuts! 

We will never know whether Dad truly loved Blondie or if he just enjoyed driving mom nuts, but I smile every time I hear a Blondie song and remember him singing and dancing in the living room.  Dad passed away suddenly eight years ago and would have celebrated his 81st birthday this week.  So Dad, One Way or Another, I will be Dreaming of your Heart of Glass!