Hyperbaric Chamber Treatments

Emergency Underwear

My son, Steven, flew in to stay with me for ten days following my great escape from the hospital. He was in charge of my pain medications and driving me to and from hyperbaric treatments and doctors appointments. Since I was restricted from using both arms, he was...

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MacGyver (Without the Paperclip)

As I was spent my two hours in the hyperbaric chamber today, I wondered what MacGyver would do in my situation? If you remember the MacGyver television series, whenever MacGyver was stuck in a situation, he would take a paperclip, a lost penny, and the band aid off...

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My First Dive

Yesterday was my first hyperbaric chamber treatment, and I will admit that I was anxious about how I would do. I tried to follow my mother's advice and not think about it too much, but the combination of a confined space and Valium had me worried. Fortunately, I was...

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The Hyperbaric Chamber

I stand behind my belief that doctors spend their spare time dreaming up additional tests and procedures they can put you through. My plastic surgeon has decided that I need hyperbaric chamber treatments to treat the skin on my chest and prepare it for reconstructive...

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The posts on this page were added at the request of several of my readers who wanted “the fun stories to continue.” Some are dedicated to a friend in her last weeks of life. These posts are a mix of travel adventures and random experiences and are in date order with the newest post on top.

Help Support Breast Cancer Patients

All proceeds from book sales are donated to two local non-profit funds to help breast cancer patients afford diagnosis and care. Virginia Gay Hospital Gifts of Hope provides free mammograms and diagnostic services and is supported by the Benton County Survivors Group; and the Hall-Perrine Hope Fund helps cancer patients pay for emergency needs.