Day 10 of our Great Montana Adventure (or Day 29 of our road trip): Homeward Bound

We drove from Sioux Falls to Home. Nothing happened.  Absolutely nothing.

For those of you wondering how Gene has stayed married to me for 37 years when I post stories about our adventures on the internet, I can tell you three things:

1. I let him read every post that mentions him or our children prior to posting.

2. The internet isn’t 37 years old, so he only had to worry about my annual holiday letter each year, and by the time the internet was a thing, he was already invested in me for years and it would be too expensive to get rid of me.

3. He doesn’t cook, so he would have to live off burgers and pizza and no vegetables if I wasn’t around. (Wait a minute, don’t let him read that last point. It might sound too good to him!)