ringing the bell at chemo
Mom is with me as I ring the bell at chemo to signify the end of phase II.

March 28th was my last weekly chemo in phase II and my Mom was here from Texas to celebrate with me.  It was a fun day at chemo as everyone came in to congratulate me.  The nurses try to make it as much of a celebration as possible by signing a certificate of completion and blowing bubbles at you as you get ready to leave.  All the patients applaud and smile as you walk by.  And then it is time to ring the bell.  If you have read other blog entries, you know that I had not intention of going quietly or being subtle when I rang the bell.  I am glad to be done with weekly chemo,  and I planned to show it!

 When I got to the bell, I grasp hold of the chord and rang it for all I’m worth.  My ears were ringing and my eyes were watering from the noise, but it was worth it to hear everyone laugh.  Then I turned to the nurses and said, “Ill see you on Monday,” and they all laughed harder.  (I have a research study appointment there on Monday.)  When we walked through the reception area, everyone was looking up to see who had finished chemo and they applauded as well.  It is rather embarrassing to know I rang the bell so hard they could hear me half a building away!  In fact, the first photos we shot are nothing but a blur of a crazy lady at the bell.

While I am not totally done with chemo, it was so nice to celebrate the end of the “hard stuff.”  Phase III is in two parts.  I take a three week break, and then I start daily radiation for 6 and a half weeks.  I will also have chemo every three weeks, but without most of the side effects that I have had with Phase I and II.  Stay tuned for the fun Gene has in store for me to celebrate the end of each week of radiation.

chemo nurses

Part of my excellent nursing team.