Years ago, I remember a conversation in the car with my 4 year old son as he asked his father, “Daddy? How come you don’t drive in the grass like Mommy does?” My husband burst into laughter as I alternately glared at him and then my son. He patiently explained that people are not supposed to drive in the grass and that possibly I needed more practice. It turns out that I was practicing for future life experience. (Shows him!)

Our current driveway is long and narrow as it winds up the hill to our home. It includes two sharp right-angled turns as well as a horse-shoe turn. It wasn’t made with visitors in mind. Inevitably, friends, delivery men and large trucks run off the side and we spend the spring filling in ruts. Visitors glance with fear in their eyes at the long backup required to get back to the shop to turn around. They often comment that they are afraid they will drive in the grass. I just respond, “Don’t worry about it. Everyone drives in the grass up here.”

Gone are the days of the manicured lawn we we took pride in in town. After two years of gathering dust, we gave our edger to our son. Now, when we need to load firewood or debris, we just drive the truck, tractor or Kubota through the lawn to where we need it. It offers a certain amount of freedom that is refreshing. No more rules, no more pampering the lawn. Who says that driving on the grass will kill it? If driving on your lawn kills your grass, I think you need tougher grass! My only concern is that when I visit my city friends, I will forget my manners and park two wheels up on the curb on their lawn and they will stop inviting me over.