Gene and I just returned from our two week retirement trip to London and Scotland. We had a fabulous trip and many adventures (some on purpose!). If you have never visited Scotland, I think I should explain the Sausage Diet. Breakfast every morning included a buffet where there was sausage, chicken sausage, bacon, black pudding, potatoes, some sort of mystery eggs, a few berries for color, croissants, and if you begged for it, some oatmeal . . . with a side of sausage. Sausage was there, we were there, I’m just saying. I’m pretty sure that we ate more sausage in two weeks than we have in the past two years.

Since lunch seemed to be an optional stop for our tour guide, we learned to load up on breakfast just in case there wasn’t a lunch stop. (Most of the time, the guide just stopped the coach—“It’s not a bus, it’s a coach. Stop calling it a bus!” he shouted — next to some restrooms and pointed out the nearest grocery store and said, “be back on the coach in 20 minutes or I will leave you.”) Surprisingly, none of us complained. But then again, our guide was ex-military and he carried a knife in his kilt stockings, so we were all a bit afraid of him.

Evening meals – to which we all showed up promptly and ate like we weren’t going to get sausage the next morning—were a choice of sausage, fish, or a vegetarian option with potato and carrot.

Our trip was amazing and we loved nearly every minute of it. I will be sharing some of our adventures and photos on Facebook over the next few days. We are glad to be back home to sleep in our own beds and eat healthier. Here are two photos:  In front of Buckingham Palace and a view of the sunrise from our plane window.