Just when you think you have suffered enough, chemo adds another insult. It turns out that losing your hair hurts. Actually hurts. I read up on it and it seems that the hair follicles are the root (get it?) cause. I have read up on remedies and I welcome any suggestions you might have. Here are my favorites:

Use a lint roller – Seriously, this is like using a lint roller to pick up cat hair. Two swipes and it is full. But it does sort of resemble the magnetic pencil metal shavings toy that you use to draw hair and a beard on the little face of the man. Except my shavings are coming off, not going on the head.

Use duct tape – Ouch! You try it and get back to me.

Use regular tape – This works to a point. I can pull large clumps of stubble off, but it still is mildly annoying.

Wait it out – Sure, like I’m good at that!

Rub mineral oil on it and massage – And then what? Spend the rest of the day leaving oil stains on the furniture and car headrest?

Hot showers – This one I came up with on my own and feels the best. I don’t know if it speeds the dropping process, but at least for a few minutes, my scalp doesn’t hurt.