Gene and I have just returned from a month long adventure through five states (not counting Missouri or Iowa – the rule was you had to spend the night there!) and had such a wonderful visit.  On our first day, we stopped in a roadside café and I went to wash my hands in the bathroom and started laughing at one of the signs:  “Please flush after each use. Thank You, The Management”  I probably wouldn’t have even read the sign had it not been for the chapter long sign before I got to the bathroom that started with, “Our aim is to provide our patrons with clean and functional restrooms” . . . . and went on and on.  I’m not kidding, it was so long that I couldn’t even get to the end of it without stopping and refocusing my bifocals.  Then I walked into the bathroom and saw a large (the letters were at least two inches tall) sign that said, “Baby Changing Station” and it had an arrow.  Right next to it was the chapter long sign again in case you couldn’t read it on the way in.  As I entered the stall, there were multiple other signs including the one that said, “Please flush after each use.”  Now I have to tell you, if you have to tell people to flush “after each use”, either 1. They aren’t used to indoor facilities; or 2. They have to go a lot and management is worried about flooding.

I did not take a photo of these signs because I make a habit of not taking my phone to the bathroom and not taking bathroom photos . . . I have some standards to uphold.  When I got back to the table, Gene and I were laughing about the signs.  I won’t repeat what Gene said because he has his own Facebook page and he can share if he wants to, but it was funny.  So this started my habit of taking photos of funny signs for the duration of our trip.  Here are some of the funny signs we saw (note, I broke my no phone in the bathroom standard on the last day because the sign was priceless (last photo).  Just saying!