Tomorrow is the big delivery date. Our fish arrive! I studied, I Googled, I talked to friends and searched the internet and finally placed my big fish order at the farm store. I ordered 5 grass carp and 25 catfish. It is a bit of a bizarre process. You fill out the paperwork and then the clerk gives you a stern warning, “The fish truck will be here on May 18th from 10:00-11:30 a.m. You need to bring your own pond water and containers.” Yes Maam! When I told the clerk that I was going to name my fish, she blinked, then promptly said, “Name one of the catfish Whiskers.” So that gave me an idea. I’m going to name all the catfish with cat names, and all the carp after types of grass.

I’m looking for suggestions, so email me if you have a great name and I will add it to the list. So far, I have:

Catfish: Felix, Garfield, Cleo, Morris, Tom (cat) and Whiskers (19 more to name!)

Grass Carp: Blue (grass), Fescue, and Bermuda (2 more to name)

I feel like an expectant parent. Like any good soon-to-be parent, I have picked up all the supplies I will need. In this case, a 50 lb. bag of floating catfish food, a container to store it in, and a scoop. I’m sure I’m missing something, but I cannot think of what it would be. If history is any indicator, there should be loads of blog material in my fish delivery tomorrow. I will keep you posted.

*This post was written a while ago but not published.  It is part of a series of posts dedicated to my friend Charlotta who is battling cancer for a second time and needs some laughs.