Hair Issues

Hair Watch – Week 11

Ah, week 11. My brother-in-law and I had a hair growing competition. I asked him when he decides it is time to trim his hair and he said, "Whenever I wake up and have bed head." Something to look forward to!<

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Hair Watch – Week 10

Last Friday, I had both chemo and radiation.  Everyone asked what big plans I had for the weekend.  My reply was the same, "Getting a haircut."  They all died laughing.  Little did they know I was serious.  Gene was scheduled for his regular haircut with our stylist,...

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Hair Watch – Week 8

Well, it is official. I have a 5 o'clock shadow!  Real starter hair.  You don't need a magnifying glass or bright light o see it.  It is soft and fuzzy and dark.

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Hair Watch – Week 6

Holy cow! Look how much my hair grew in a week!  And it turned red!  I just couldn't resist.  This is a hat that a survivor made for me.  I love it.  It is soft and fun and fits my quirky sense of humor. It is official. I have starter hair. Granted you can't see it...

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Hair Watch – Week 5

It seems that I forgot to post this last week. Week 5 shows no visible signs of hair, but I can feel a texture change on the scalp.  I have Gene checking it out and he says there may be some peach fuzz.

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First Haircut

That single hair on the top of my head was getting in my way and threatening to obscure my view.    Seriously, it was growing straight up and had no supporting cast to distract from it.  I looked through Shawns product line and found some smoothing paste, but how do...

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Hair Watch Week 4

  Still waiting!  Gene tells me that if I stand in the sunlight and he cocks his head just so, he thinks he can see some peach fuzz.  I'm planning to have some fun with the bald head for whatever time I have left with it.  My Taxol rash on my hands, arms and face...

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Hair Watch Week 2

Nope. No sign of hair. However, I used my 3X magnification make up mirror and found two stragglers that somehow escaped the lint roller. One is on the top of my head and is about 1/4 inch long. The other is above my left ear and is nearly 1/2 inch long. Neither is...

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The posts on this page were added at the request of several of my readers who wanted “the fun stories to continue.” Some are dedicated to a friend in her last weeks of life. These posts are a mix of travel adventures and random experiences and are in date order with the newest post on top.

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