hair growth week 10

Last Friday, I had both chemo and radiation.  Everyone asked what big plans I had for the weekend.  My reply was the same, “Getting a haircut.”  They all died laughing.  Little did they know I was serious.  Gene was scheduled for his regular haircut with our stylist, Shawn, and Shawn can’t resist a bald head.  He shaves his head which I think is weird for a hair stylist.  In the past, I have always gauged a hair stylists creativity by how they wear their own hair.  What does bald say?

When Gene was done with his cut, Shawn put me in the chair and inspected my head closely.  He trimmed one or two hairs, and then I told him that this was my wedding haircut.  “No pressure,” he says.  He looks closely, but it is hard to improve on perfection.  Shawn then hands me a box of new Surface products that promises to make your hair grow faster and thicker.  I call it hair tonic.  It includes shampoo, conditioner, and “special drops” to put on afterward.  I asked him, “What happens if I get it on my face?”  We laugh.
I now have distinct, dark fuzz all over my head.  I use one drop of shampoo and feel like I’m drowning in bubbles.  I have tiny eyelashes that are too short to use mascara on, and a hint of eyebrows.  Things are progressing nicely.