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Laugh With Kathy Synopsis

Being diagnosed with cancer can be frightening, but it also gives you license to get away with a lot of things you wouldn't do otherwise. Laugh With Kathy takes you on a journey through breast cancer and finding humor in the diagnosis, treatment and survival of the...

Laugh With Kathy – The Book Version

Dear readers, With your encouragement, I have collected the stories from my blog and will be publishing my book, Laugh With Kathy, next month (October, 2015).  In the meantime, I am removing many of the posts from my blog.  Please excuse my mess while I reorganize my...

Journeys End

Now that my treatment and reconstruction surgeries are over, my journey with breast cancer has come to an end. I have enjoyed sharing my stories with you, but now it is time for me to focus forward. I have already started traveling again and resumed my work schedule....

Serial Numbers

I had an appointment with my dentist today to take the final impressions for my dental implant. As the dentist checked everything out and the hygienist prepared the gooey substance to form the impression, I asked the dentist if my implant had a number engraved on it....

Big Bang!

My sister and brother-in-law came to visit and supposedly to celebrate the end of reconstruction. Personally, I think they just wanted to blow some things up. After three surgeries, 12 weeks of restrictions, seven JP drains, and enough scars to form a patchwork quilt,...

The Empathy Factor

I have read that dogs have the uncanny ability to sense their owner's emotions and needs. There was even a recent news story about one dog's ability to predict seizers in its owner. I am certain that our last dog, Dolly Dog knew that I was unwell and she slept next to...

The Finish Line

My final reconstruction surgery is scheduled for Friday and I'm rather looking forward to it. It is as though I can see the finish line and can't wait to cross it. I have crossed off so many goals and milestones in my journey with cancer, but the big goal -- finishing...

Six Month Check Up

I had my six month post-chemo check up today. It was so exciting. As I drove up to the cancer clinic, I sat in the car and stared at the building for a few minutes thinking about all that I had been through in that building. I thought of all the times I had sat...

Emergency Underwear

My son, Steven, flew in to stay with me for ten days following my great escape from the hospital. He was in charge of my pain medications and driving me to and from hyperbaric treatments and doctors appointments. Since I was restricted from using both arms, he was...

Latissimus Dorsi Surgery

Before I get into my recovery stories, I thought I would do a quick explanation of the type of reconstruction surgery that I had. Because of the radiation damage to my skin and chest muscle area, the only option for reconstruction on my right side was a Latissimus...

Benefits of Having Breast Cancer

  • I have an excuse to buy new lingerie.
  • All the cute bras are in smaller sizes.
  • I won't have to pay for highlights this fall.
  • I finally get to build a pink website.
  • For the rest of my life, I get to blame forgetfulness on "chemo brain."
  • I can eat real food and not just the fat free stuff!
  • I hear they like to use belly fat for reconstructions, so the sky is the limit!.
  • I get to relocate my bustline (it has been moving south for several years).
  • I'm bound to lose weight, even it if is only a pound or two.
  • I won't have to shave my legs for several months.
  • This will reduce how long it takes me to get ready in the morning.
  • I can have any hair style and color I want.
  • I wont have to pluck my eyebrows or wax my lip.
  • I won't have to buy expensive hair products.