Well, it is official.  I have gone Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month!  Shawn dyed a section of my hair pink over the weekend, so I won’t have to worry about wearing pink all month.  Dying my hair was quite the experience.  If you know me well, I dress conservatively (normally) and try not to stand out in a crowd.  So dying my hair was a huge leap for me.  I was so nervous as Shawn showed me the colors to pick from, and I found myself coming up with excuses on why I should reconsider.  But then I made the statement, “If I don’t do it now, I will never do it.”  So Shawn strapped me in and away we went.  I remember telling him that I wanted subtle (pink?) and not to look like a clown.  “You know how a clown has big poofy hair in a bunch of different colors?”  Shawn just laughed and said, “You don’t have big poofy hair to start with.”  Good to keep the humor flowing.  I will tell you that Gene is a patient man.  He sat in the chair and patiently waited as Shawn stripped my hair of color, and then dyed it pink.  Not once, but twice.  We think that due to the number of medications in my system, that my hair did not want to go pink for October.  It is stubborn like me.

Not only have I gone pink for October, but I’m having my mammogram done today.  I ask each of you to do a self-exam and schedule your mammogram if it is due.  I found my lump myself, and science shows that early detection improves your chance of survival.