hair week 15
I’m done with hats! Seriously. No more stocking caps. No more ball caps. Raquel can stay in the drawer. I have hair now and I’m happy to flaunt it. Granted, it is too short to need styling, but I do use shampoo and conditioner . . . a drop of each. I tried to borrow my husband’s comb this week because my hair seems to be growing in facing forward. I thought maybe I could comb it down. It was too short for Gene’s comb, but my eyebrow comb worked very well. I’m finding you have to be creative with problem solving.

This week I’m posting a photo from the back as well. This is my most impressive side — my good side if you will. You can see that the hair tonic is working, LOL. I seem to have this swirl pattern going on. I think I will just wait to see what it does rather than trying to tame it.

The eyebrows are working again. They divert water away from my eyes in the shower. It is amazing to realize that eyebrows and eyelashes actually serve a function and aren’t just decorative. I have tried mascara a couple of times, but the lashes are still too short to see a noticeable difference, so mostly I just skip it. And sadly, I’m shaving my legs again. I truly didn’t miss this chore.