I have received so many cards, messages, prayers and gifts and feel humbled and supported by all of you. I have laughed at your messages and cried at your notes.  I had a good week and I’m ready for surgery.  My Mom has arrived, and mom’s always make things better.  She came bearing gifts from my relatives and arms full of love.  I have prayer blanks and feel wrapped in their warmth.

The final step before surgery was to remove my toenail polish and I find that I have a bit of a rebel in me.  I asked my husband if there is any medical reason for me to do this and he told me to just follow the instruction.  Well . . . I plan to fight breast cancer and fight or change stupid rules!  So I left the nail polish on my middle toe as an act of rebellion.  I have pink socks on so maybe they won’t notice.  I will remove my jewelry, but only because I happen to love it and want it safe.  I will not shave my armpit — bit I will shave the other one!  I will not eat or drink anything after midnight, but someone better wave a cup of coffee under my nose about 7 a.m. or dye the IV solution coffee color.  I will laugh if they mark “non-compliant patient” on my chart. 

I know that I have the easy part today as I get to sleep through the procedure.  I know how hard waiting is, so I will have my son, Steven, post a quick update on my blog sometime late tonight when he gets to the house.  Don’t forget to send my your photos if you are wearing pink!