Texas Team Kathy

Tammy (my sister), Brandon & Brandy (nephew and niece)

 My niece is a youth minister in Texas and their church creates prayer quilts for people going through difficult times. The workers pray as they sew the quits. When they finish the quilts, they tie yarn to it and leave the strands long. The quilt is passed around, and each person ties a knot as they pray for you.

This quilt was passed around my family and their friends in Texas and even taken to a Race for the Cure in Dallas/Ft. Worth. Complete strangers have heard my story and prayed for me. There are dozens and dozens of knots tied in the yarn. This touches me profoundly. I try to tell people about the quilt, but I find it brings me to tears each time, and I cannot finish the sentence. I am so completely moved by the outpouring of support during this difficult journey.

I have been added to so many prayer chains and individual prayers this past month. I cannot express how much it means to me when someone says that they will be praying for me. I have a deep faith in God and know that he walks with me on this journey, and carries me when the journey is too difficult. And I very much believe in the power of prayer.

If a life is measured by the number of people you touch in your lifetime, than I hope that each of you know that you are super stars.

prayer quilt

My prayer quilt at Texas Race for the Cure

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