Calling Team Kathy!  I’m hosing my first cyber pajama party on December 11 (the night before my next chemo day).  No need to physically attend, just dress in your favorite jammies and think positive thoughts for chemo #3.  That will put me 75% complete with phase I.  If you are inclined, and if you are actually wearing pajamas, feel free to take a photo and I will post it online.  Please, oh please, don’t send photos if you sleep ala natural!  Remember, I’m in a very delicate state right now and I promised WordPress that my blog is PG (but maybe not PC).

Chemo #2 went well, but it wiped me out.  I came home and was suppose to spend some quiet time with friends, but I just wasn’t up to it.  Tess and Danielle encouraged me to at least eat the noodles out of my cup of soup.  Then I headed for a three hour nap.  I did not recognize where I was or even my friend Tess when I woke up at 8 PM.  I felt better, but was back in bed by 10:00.  So chemo days are exhausting.  Thursday brings with it the need for an immune booster shot at the local hospital, and Friday is another down day as far as energy and nausea are involved.  I’m feeling better this morning, so hopefully, today will bring a bit more energy.