golf challenge week 25

Do you see me now? Sort of a before and after shot.

I had the best day on Friday. I got the opportunity to work at a fundraiser for the Iowa Medical Society Foundation that I sit on the board for. It was a beautiful day and my friend, Tess, and I sat at the first hole of a golf course and handed out prizes to golfers. Mostly, we gave the golfers a hard time. Tess and I know nothing about golf, but we are quick to pick up on what the goal is — get as close to the little hole as possible. With a straight face, we would tell the golfers that they were aiming for the white flag, there was a water hazard on the right and that they should use a driver. All of the golfers took us in stride. It was a fundraiser after all.

The best part of the day was after all the golfers had played through our hole and we were free to explore the course in a golf cart — backwards. I’m not sure how that happened or even if it is legal (or encouraged) on golf courses, but Tess was driving and somehow it made sense. We laughed as she rounded corners on two wheels. The wind was blowing through our hair, well, through Tess’s hair, and all was right in the world. It felt incredibly good to be doing something for someone else and not focusing on beating cancer. I have volunteered all of my adult life and it felt good to get back to it.

A funny opportunity presented itself when we passed one hole and found a photo of my former self promoting the fundraiser. We just could not resist stopping for this photo op. The day ended with me giving a speech about the importance of the Foundation and all the good works that come from our work. My first speech in over a year. It felt great!  And I was even Tweeted about!

The hair continues to grow slowly and I haven’t had to shave my legs in over two weeks.  I’m okay with the not shaving part, but I would like to have bangs for Christmas.