Have you ever noticed that whenever you get cocky, it comes back to bite you? Today was one of those days. I traveled with Gene to Minneapolis so he could attend a meeting and I could visit with my old friend . . . the mall. We arrived a bit early and checked into the hotel. As we left to take Gene to his meeting, he asked me if I knew the name of the hotel and our room number. I promptly responded correctly and smirked at him. No more memory issues for me, boy howdy! Then I correctly drove the three blocks to his meeting location without help. I patted myself on the back as Gene told me to be careful and he would see me in two hours.

I shifted the car into “D” for “Drive me to the mall,” and it did. Things were going well and I managed to make a couple of purchases and find my car again. I couldn’t think of anything else I wanted or needed, so I decided to return to the hotel and wait for Gene’s meeting to end. I confidently turned onto the street I needed and drove and drove, looking left and right for the hotel sign. I couldn’t believe it . . . someone had moved the hotel in just one hour! How could that be? As I crossed over I-495 for the second time, I noted that the traffic hadn’t improved. Since I didn’t plan on getting on the highway, I didn’t care. But I thought, “Poor people. They looked tired and aggravated.” I, however, was on an adventure.

This is a hard place to navigate. Sure, the streets are mostly straight and run straight north and south, or east and west, but there are buildings and cars in the way and I can’t seem to get the right combination of turns to find the hotel.  The building that Gene was in was constantly on my right, so I knew I was in the right area.  I knew that I was circling in on my location (literally), but it was difficult to land in the right place.

I finally found my hotel, and even remembered my room number. Take that chemo brain. Now I need to go pick Gene up from his meeting. Hope he doesn’t check the odometer.