Book Sales to Benefit Cancer Patients

All proceeds from book sales in October will benefit local breast cancer patients.

Laughs After Cancer

Life After Cancer

Now that my treatment and reconstruction surgeries are over, I felt that my journey with breast cancer had come to an end. But as life has returned to a new normal, I realize that I'm just starting on another journey . . . one that is very fulfilling. I have...

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Dealing with Raccoons

We have a raccoon problem. Mind you, I know that we live in the country and that raccoons were here first, but I draw the line at them camping out on my front porch. The other day, our dog refused to come in the house and kept playing by the garage. My friend and I...

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Days of Summer

Memorial Day weekend brings the unofficial beginning of summer, and you know what that means . . . let the fairs begin!  My goal for the summer is to visit as many small town festivals and county fairs as I can. I plan to eat my way through four counties in my quest...

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Have I been Pwned?

I recently got a notice that my work email had been Pwned. (You can check any email at: which is a free resource for anyone to quickly assess if they have been put at risk due to an online account of theirs having been compromised or “pwned”...

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Some Assembly Required

One of our favorite toys that the kids had when they were small was a Little Tykes Cozy Coupe. Now that we are grandparents, we wanted to find a Cozy Coupe for Tavi to enjoy when she is visiting. So when Samantha told us about a sale on Cozy Coupes, I jumped online to...

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Eaten Alive

Whenever we are asked if we ever see deer or wild life on our property, Gene just starts to laugh because he knows what my response is going to be. “We live in a stinkin Disney Movie! We go outside and the birds sing while tying ribbons in my hair. Deer are humming to...

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The 12 Days of Christmas 2017

I think that I am experiencing the 12 days of Christmas early this year. We took a quick weekend trip to Texas to visit my family and my niece, Casey Ramm, surprised me with a signed Tom Clancey book written by Marc Cameron. As he was signing the book, she told him my...

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The Christmas Miracle

A few months ago, I read an article that IPod was discontinuing the Nano and Shuffle music devices.  So I asked Gene for an early Christmas present and he found me a nice, spanking new gold shuffle to store my Christmas music on.  I know that I’m opening myself up for...

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Facial Recognition

I recently saw a story about an airline that is doing away with boarding passes and using facial recognition to check in passengers.  Seriously?  This will never work.  I have had facial recognition software on my laptop for two years, and it only recognizes me about...

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