I had my one month post op, follow-up appointment with my doctor today and he lifted my restrictions. I feel like a free woman. For the past month, I have had limited movement of my arm. I could not move it more than 45 degrees or lift anything more than 10 pounds. This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it results in shoulder and back aches, as well as limiting the ability to reach out and close the car door. I think I may have been restricted from driving as well, but that didn’t work out for me, so I ignored it.

As I was walking out and talking to the nurse, she cautioned me to start moving my arm gradually and not go overboard. Do you think nurses have special talents in identifying which patients they need to say this to? I tried to look innocent and nod my head, but I knew exactly what I was going to do when I hit the parking lot . . . do the chicken wing dance! How could I resist?

Just picture me out in the parking lot with the weather at 2 degrees doing the chicken dance. Woo Hoo for me! For the past month, I have worried about slipping on the ice and putting my arm out to catch myself, only to tear my incision and muscle. I don’t believe in “do overs,” so I have been unusually cautious this past month, and it is time to spread my wings. Oh, the joy of it. All I needed was some music. As the cold weather started seeping in, I paused to wonder if implants can freeze. Wouldn’t it be a hoot trying to explain that one to my doctor?

When Gene got home, I said, “Look what I can do!” and I flapped my wings. His reply was, “Congratulations.” I was expecting a more enthusiastic reply, but he did laugh as I caught his eye all evening and raised my eyebrows and flapped my wings. I have certainly learned to celebrate the small things.